Fun Factory

Fall 2013 and Beyond

Big changes are in the air. All of Suzee 666 designs are made by myself in Vancouver BC.

Halloween 2013 was a busy time for me. Between custom costumes by Suzee 666, my job at New World Designs, and a job that I can only describe as “making monsters” I only managed to take a single day off in October. Good thing I love my work.

I love drafting and sewing and am passionate about making things. However, I have stumbled into a great opportunity (I like to think of it as an internship costuming for the film industry) This month I’m building a portfolio that I will be presenting to the film union.

Once I have a moment to breathe I will be working towards rebranding and restructuring my business operations.

Thank goodness I love what I do, as “work” never seems to stop.